The quest

What is the point?

Today we feel very strongly that the importance of preservation of the life in the village is not essential only for the village itself but it is the crucial point of the survival of our state and even whole Earth. It is necessary to propagate the "Programme of renewal of the country"(POV) and to go in search of the ways how it could be improved.
What do we want?

We want to create a platform where we could meet each other, find the new contacts and widen the co-operation of the regions or even the European institutions. We want to be a place of the public education, of inspiration and promotion of the life in the village. We would like to address a broader public, not only people who are closely connected with country life. We will offer you the alternatives that could show you how to find a valuable life out of the polluted and overpopulated cities.
What are we doing?
  • The education of the public - every year we offer various seminars and workshops
  • publication activity - we create a centre where the materials concerning the problems of the village could be assembled and investigated
  • The promotion of the village - we support the activity of the associations that are interested in renewal of the rural traditions and in the flowering of social life in the village. We are looking for the ways how to reach a true media image of the contemporary village
  • The service for the mayors and organisations - we are able to offer you advisory service (contacts, grants, projects etc.).

Who are we?

  • Inception - the idea of foundation of education and information centre came from the initiative of the village Modrá (the mayor Miroslav Kovářík), the chairman of POV association Jan Kruml and from the circle of friends who are engaged in these problems. The subsidy of Ministry of environment made possible that this idea could be realised in 1997. The establisher of The school of village (Škola vesnice) in Modrá is its municipal office. The chief of this organisation is Miroslav Kovářík, the mayor.
  • Methodical centre - The school of village resides in the building of the municipal office. We want to widen the centre and establish a exhibition room where we could invite a broader audience (the tourists for example) and where we could offer the information service.
  • Co-operation - The activity of the centre is based on co-operation of various instructors, lecturers and institutions. We successfully co-operate with representatives of "renewal of the country" from Lower Austria. The list of co-operating organisations, institutions and associations


These are not theoretical training programmes - the information are gained practically: we will show you the results of "renewal of the country" programme and you will take a part in stimulating discussions. The point of all these programmes is a personal progress and acquisition of new contacts mainly.

Where could you find us?

map, address, contact


The full version of the "Programme of renewal of the country" & additional info concerning the country theme.

Methodical texts

The texts concerning POV problems will be published here.

The village Modrá

History and tradition

  • The discovery of manually produced ceramics supports the assertion that there lived an ancient agriculture population here (around 5000 B.C). After the Velehrad monastery had been built the settlement of the contemporary Modrá location was joined with Velehrad and it became an economical background of it. In the contemporary location of Modrá there had been the ponds that supported the inhabitants of the monastery. On the adjacent hillsides there were only several sheepfolds. Around 1786 the village was legislatively founded, it was named Neudorf, present-day Modrá. Králův stůl (King's table) - nearby the village there is a stone formation, it is perhaps kind of prehistoric solar calendar.
  • Kostelík Sv. Jana (St. John's Chapel) - at the southern end of the village there is a relic from the Great Moravian epoch, the foundations of the chapel of stone from the turn of the 8th and 9th century is one of the oldest buildings in our country.
  • # The village's coat of arms - the historical ground for creation of the sign, its description and the description of the flag.
  • Present-day Modrá
  • The POV has been being realised since 1991. The target of the municipal office of the village - with its population of 650 inhabitants - is to fluently take up again the cultural traditions that are constantly dying out. We want to gradually complement the image of the village and its surrounding. It is important to co-ordinate the folk architecture and the nature. Our aim is not to create any artificial outdoor museum but a modern village where all the styles are well-balanced and where we could live a rich life in its naturalness. Revitalisation of landscape - The return to traditional values and to well-tried ways of life is connected with the revitalisation of landscape very closely.
  • Infrastructure - One of the first tasks of our programme was to build up a technical infrastructure of the village. It has to meet the demands of the common level of services in towns. This is the only possibility how to preserve the life in the country.
  • The public areas - We are looking for the new meaning of the whole territory of the village. It is being realised by means of revitalisation of the public areas. We emphasise the renewal of the architectonic detail and the skill of the craftsmen. Those aspects are inseparable from the character of the country environment.
  • The life in the village
  • All the projects we have been talking about are realised with help of the residents and the children in particular who can consequently influence the approach of their parents. Really, the help of kids is almost irreplaceable. They plant the willows in a bog, they climb the trees up and install the nesting boxes for birds, the children like to pick the fragments of prehistoric ceramics, plant the greenery and take care of it.
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